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Our Team

Abraham Hadgu, Managing Director

Abraham Hadgu was born in Ertirea and spent the last 26 years in Australia developing his media and business management interests. First within the ranks of the government public service and later with his own company, HD Visual Direct International. With over two decades of management experience and in audio/visual communication, Abraham Hadgu has earned full accredited membership with AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and AVPA (Australian Video Producers Association) for more than 15 years.

As National Manager of Audiovisual and Photographic Services in Australia Post’s Corporate Human Resources Group, Abraham was involved in over 25,000 photographic and video productions for training, educational, promotional and documentary purposes.

Highly respected in his community for his contribution to Eritrea before and after the war of independence, Abraham has assisted Eritrean officials in organising visits by high level delegations, celebrities and a range of NGO’s representing industry, medicine, science, architecture, engineering, as well as cultural and humanitarian groups. In Australia Abraham has further demonstrated his commitment to the Horn of Africa communities, representing them at local and government levels nationally and internationally.

Abraham is known as a dynamic and an astute leader both in social development issues and in business. In 2001 he was awarded Certificate of Recognition by the Honorable John Howard MP – Prime Minister of Australia, for his extraordinary contrition to his Community and Australia. In 2003 he was awarded as the best International Community and Humanitarian Services Award by the Eritrean government in Australia and was honored for many other community and Australian government awards. During this time, Abraham demonstrated a long-term commitment to the broader Australian community, which includesInner Western Region Migrant Resource Centre – Executive Board member (16 years)

  • Victorian Ethnic Communities Council – Executive member (8 years)
  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) – Advisory Board member (8 years)
  • Victoria Police – Advisory Board member (8 years)
  • Horn of Africa Community Organisations – Executive Board member (6 years)
  • Eritrean National Communities Council of Australia – President (8 years)
  • Victorian Eritrean Community Association Inc. – Chairperson ( 11 Years)
  • Australian Eritrean Festival in Melbourne – Chairperson (11 years)

Tyrell Peries, Financial Controller

In addition to owning and managing a variety of businesses, Tyrell brings over 20 years’ management experience in the communication, distribution, food, transportation, importation, wholesale, retail, mining, rail and shipping industries, Tyrell has a wealth of practical expertise in frontline management, budget preparation and resource and production planning and has been involved in organisational change programs throughout Australia and Southeast Asia.

David Hadgu, Business Manager

Like his father, David is a skilled photographer and has worked alongside Abraham on a number of photographic projects. David is in the final stages of his Bachelor of Business in International Business and Trade at Victoria University (Melbourne) to complement his Technical and Further Education qualifications in Applied Design (Victoria University, 2004) and Applied Photography (RMIT University, 2009). Also active in community affairs, David is a member of the Victorian Eritrean Community Association (VECA) and the Eritrean Youth Association (EYA).

Alan El-Assaad, Principal Engineering

In addition to his work with HD Visual Direct International, Alan owns and manages SAFECOMM, an international electrical engineering and safety systems company which he established. He has twenty six years of experience in various facets of the electrical engineering field.
SAFECOMM offers design, construction and maintenance of domestic and industrial electrical engineering as well as renewable energy and security systems. Previously, Alan was a communications engineer with Telstra (Australia’s national Telco) for seven years and a robotics electrical engineer for the Ford Motor Company for nine years.

Alan holds qualifications in Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering and is a member of the Radio Broadcasting Commission and holds an open Telecommunication’s license.

Emad Attie, Information Technology & Training

Emad is a VCE Mathematics Teacher and has taught Information Technology, VET IT, VET Business, Design and Technology and VCAL. He has also Lectured at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University for 5 years in Information Technology Methods to aspiring post-graduate teachers.

Emad has a passion for pushing the digital technologies frontier and under his current role assists over 250 staff at St. Monica’s in incorporating ICT technologies effectively in the workplace. He is a passionate educator who also runs his own business; The Teachers’ Beehive to assist educators in using technology proactively in the classroom. Emad has a Bachelor of Education in (Mathematics and Information Technology) and is a Nationally qualified Trainer and Assessor.

Adis Hondo, Cinematographer/ Editor

Adis trained at the Art Academy in Sarajevo and worked for nearly a decade in (former) Yugoslavian national television, covering all aspects of TV production (news, drama and documentaries). He also worked in Bosnia for several international news organisations during the 1990s Bosnian conflict.

Adis has provided both high-end photographic and filmmaking services to over 500 Australian and international clients including government departments, universities, schools, corporations, NGO’s and government agencies. He has worked with Abraham on numerous film productions over the past decade, including documentaries, corporate films and events.

Suze Houghton, Sound Production, Sound Edit and Training

Suze Haughton has also worked with Abraham on numerous film productions, including documentaries, corporate films and events. She has also worked for nearly a decade in film training, both in a hands-on capacity, and in training management. In 2009 Suze Haughton travelled throughout Eritrea with Abraham Hadgu and Adis Hondo. They were filming “Precious Drop” a TV documentary project which centers upon water catchment and sustainable water usage.

Suze has worked on a variety of broadcast documentaries, educational, promotional and training films, specialising in housing, mental health, sustainability, indigenous issues and art.

Marty Schiel, writing and communications

As a senior communications adviser with Australia Post for, Marty worked with Abraham both as a colleague and team member and also external productions for her multimedia publishing business, Moonrise Media. Marty holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (Honours) from Iowa State University (with minors in Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, French and Music), a Master of Arts (Communications) from RMIT University (2004) and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. She is also a member of the Australian Society of Editors and the International Association of Business Communicators.

Marty was the Editor/Publications Manager of the Law Institute of Victoria (1989 – 1998) and has also written, photographed and published numerous books and acted as producer/director and producer/director/videographer for two DVDs under her Moonrise Media imprint. She has been a freelance contributor and/or editor with various newspapers and magazines and manages the whisperingacres.com website.