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We refill empty ink, toner, fax machine and photocopier cartridges, using only the best-quality imaging supplies, to provide corporate and private customers with a product that will perform equivalent to the original equipment, under similar conditions, and backed by a 100% guarantee on every product.

Businesses, in particular, are dependent on their printers and photocopiers. Refilling ink and printer cartridges has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, representing a multi-billion dollar global market for printing consumables.


• Global leader in quality standards for the industry
• Globally positioned to secure best quality for the best price
• Partnered with leading global suppliers of components and research and development, which creates the ability to incorporate rapid technological innovations in printer cartridge design and operation
• Global brand recognition
• Environmentally-focused product – reduces waste, helps eliminate landfill and protects the environment
• Committed to local community involvement, including cartridge collection programs through schools and business
• Creation of local industry and jobs


We have a responsibility to protect the environment, through reduction of emissions, waste and energy consumption. Given equivalent, competitively-priced ‘green’ options, today’s energy-conscious consumers value solutions that are kind to the environment – and their budget. For instance, simply encouraging consumers to replace a standard incandescent (GLS) light bulb with energy-saving bulb reduces electricity usage by 80%. Almost a quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions come from energy used daily in homes.

On a larger scale, energy sources, particularly electricity and fossil fuels, create huge carbon dioxide emissions and pollution, affecting the health of our planet, people and food sources. While this reliance on electricity and fossil fuels is understandable, it is expensive. A sustainable option lies in finding a balance between maintaining or improving our standards of living and protecting the environment.

LED lighting, the most current lighting technology, and solar panels form the basis of our product offering. LED lighting is the option of choice in the move away from traditional metal halide street lights. LED lamps maintain the same Lux level for public streets, security lighting and car parks, with an increased operating life to the traditional metal halide lamps.

Our affiliation with lighting and solar panel companies in Australia and overseas enables us to reliably supply both small- and large-scale projects.

HD Visual Direct International has partnered with the Teachers’ Beehive to provide Education Technology Solutions.

Our Company has been created to inspire and encourage the use of technology in education. HD Visual Direct International seeks to showcase cutting edge products and practices with a view to expanding the boundaries and raising standards of education. We Introduce Teachers and IT staff to the latest products, services and developments in education technology with a view to providing practical how-to guidance designed to facilitate the integration of those products and services into the school environment in the most productive and beneficial manner possible.

Whether you are looking for the latest in professional development training from leading experts in the education field, or simply wanting to source great deals on products and services for your school, company or government department, look no further because you can find it all with HD Visual Direct International.